In nearly two decades in the commercial photography industry, Natalia proved a skillful dedication to the entire photography production process. During college, she kept her nose in the books for her commercial photography degree while working for internationally known photographers from coast-to-coast. She assisted Peter Barrett (Miami), known for his advertising-based vibrant, painterly images of everyday life and modern landscapes and Jim Erickson (SF), recognized for his warm and emotive lifestyle photography. After graduation, she began work with Jimmy Williams (Raleigh) as Studio Manager. She has retouched, produced, and represented commercial photographers and worked with clients such as Sony, Procter & Gamble, and Travelocity.


As a freelance photographer since 2007, Natalia travels with the lens of a storyteller. In addition to corporate and agency commissions, her immersive photographs have captured the landscapes of Southeast Asia, her own family dinner table in Chile and delicate portraiture of coconut farmers in Panama.  

Natalia’s passion for photography goes back to the 1980’s, where as a youngster in elementary school, she was drawn to the camera as the other children were obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, side-pony-tails, and Keds. No stranger to the absurdly pleasant stench of ink morphing into magical, glossy images on paper, she quickly moved from crafting pinhole cameras and shaking Polaroids to developing 120mm and 4"x5" film in her high school dark room in Omaha, NE.

When she isn’t packing a suitcase or behind the viewfinder or monitor, Natalia can be found at home in Durham, NC popping in on classes at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies, volunteering for environmental and social causes, or joining friends on spontaneous bicycle tours. As a former professional salsa dancer, she occasionally dusts off her heels and hits the pista de baile.